Ang Sagot sa Mga Katanungan

Kapag ang mga Project Managers, mga Life Coaches, mga Guro, mga Public Servants tulad ng mga Kawani ng Gobyerno, mga Propesyonal tulad ng mga mga Doktor at mga Abogado, mga Manggagawa – sa makatuwid, mga Tao at mga nag Diyos-Diyosan lamang – ang nag-apply ng Root Cause Analysis sa Problema madalas ay single point o focus lamang ang hinahanap nila. Hahanapin nila ang iisang Root Cause ngunit ang hindi nila alam ay ang problema ay Multi Causal at Multi Lateral. Walang iisang solusyon sa problema.

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Stemming my Idealism

I grew up as an idealist
I was young
I was naive
I embraced my innocence
Too much

But innocence turned into ignorance
Idle hands turned into idle mind
Idle mind turned into idle heart
I was searching for idyllic pastures
But all I found was a stony island

An island of my own solitude
I knew that I was an old soul
People told me so
I dared to dream and dream I did
Of paradise lost

I was fighting my dragon
And it was too late when I recognized
That the dragon was me
I am confronted by battles left and right
But I stay still

And in the stillness I found myself
Yearning for conviction and peace of mind
But I cannot get it as long as I am tied to the past
I fear a future of the many and not the one
I grow tired and restless

Now I lay battle-weary and scarred
I cast my heart into stone
And threw it onto a lake’s depths
A war would be fought but no one would be able
Able to wield the sword

Death penalty – to be or not to be

At this moment, the CAMARA representatives are discussing the merits of death penalty. It is true that the country needs an iron fist to rule it. We, as Filipinos, have been so lax in following the law that we take for granted how we affect the Filipino society as a whole. We have been so self-centered and myopic that we only think of our own self-interests. It is true not just for the common Filipino people but for our supposed public servants as well.

The aim of the death penalty bill is to get rid of the enemies of the state – the violators of the law and the constitution. In a time when justice can be bought, we put our country at risk of a purge scenario. Allowing the death penalty bill to be passed will foster a culture of death, darkness and terror to our society. Pro-death penalty bill advocates argue that the judicial system needs fangs. That is because our judges and jail wardens are so easily bought. The supposed maximum security cells are like condo units as to how they are so comfortable and not the corrective and rehabilitative facilities that we envision them to be. Even contraband items can enter our jails so easily. Reclusion perpetua is not so threatening a punishment anymore. The truth is that so many souls are now in grave peril. So many people have compromised their principles and souls in pursuit of blood money, a lavish lifestyle and instant gratification. We are slowly degenerating into the times of the Old Testament – “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. We are at risk of developing God-complex. So many genocides have been committed in the name of God. Countless wars have been waged in His name and we try to justify it for the God of the Old Testament is a war God. We cannot reconcile it with the God of Love, Jesus Christ. Islamists treat Jesus Christ only as a Prophet and not the Messiah He was and is. The extremists have declared jihad against the Christians. But we must all lay down our arms and go back to the negotiating table. Our Mother Earth is at risk and the solution lies with us working hand in hand with each other to save Mother Earth. We must purge ourselves of our inner daemons and see each other eye-to-eye.

I believe in reincarnation and the issue of the death penalty begs the question – “What is the value of a life versus the value of a soul?” If we are to kill the evils amongst us, then we hasten their cycle of death and rebirth towards an opportunity for them to redeem themselves. But by killing them, we are putting our own souls at risk from the Divine Judgment. We should not be so easy to take up arms against our fellow humankind. Each soul has a silver lining no matter how dark the soul may seem. But there would come a time when a soul chooses to live in the dark and the light may seem faint. That is the time when the bright souls would shine and share their light with the dark. We will all collectively fight against the darkness within and win the war against evil. We should all just remain steadfast and fight the good fight – for the greater good. Cast away your prejudices against your fellow humans and you would find the light.

In the darkness, let there be light. At risk of sounding cliché, I pray for world peace.